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Sunday, January 21, 2018

I was determined to see the sunrise.
I researched the exact time – 6:53am.
I knew where I wanted to be – Point Udall.
I confirmed that the sun rises in the East – Thanks Google.
I set my alarm and reviewed the directions in WAZE.

I got up.  I used the bathroom.  I picked out my clothes.  I showered.  I got dressed.  I packed my backpack, grabbed my purse, my phone, and my jean jacket.  I headed out the door.

It was still dark outside.  I felt safe and I felt grateful.  I felt like a nerd.  I mean – Who gets up to drive 30 minutes to see the sunrise from one particular spot?

It felt like the longest 11 miles I had ever driven.  The road was curvy and bumpy and it narrowed as I got closer.
As I was driving, I was thinking, I cannot miss this.  I cannot miss this sacred moment.  I cannot miss this moment.

I saw the sky brighten.  I wanted to tell the sun, don’t you come up without me.

I checked the time.  It’s not 6:53am yet.
OK.  I still had time.  GPS said I would get there by 6:51am.
OK.  That’s 2 minutes to get parked, get out of my car, and get in place to witness this miracle.

It was the moment I believed I would “see” the heavens declare the Glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of God’s hands. [Psalm 19:1] 
And I did not want to miss it.
I did not want to miss seeing God’s glory in the light of the sun.
I did not want to miss the precise moment when the light of the sun would breakthrough and brightly whisper, Good Morning, Delesslyn.

I imagined that it would be beautiful.

I made it to Point Udall safely.
I parked.  I grabbed my phone,  I got out the car and locked the door.  I took a few pictures and I waited.  It was only 6:47am.  I was early.

I found the perfect spot and stood on the monument of the most eastern point of the United States and I waited.

I held up my camera.  I decided to video so I could watch the transition in the sky at some point in the future. And I waited.  It was 6:50am.

I thought about going LIVE via Facebook –but there was no service at this place on the island.  Besides, maybe this was not a moment to share.  After all, I wanted to see the sun say – Good Morning, Delesslyn.
I waited.

The video was already set to record but I knew my camera would be inadequate to capture the glory I expected to see with my own eyes.

And slowly the light that outlined the clouds that hung above the water got brighter. 
It was happening.
It was absolutely beautiful and it was so peaceful.
And even though I was not alone, it was like all of us gathered in this sanctuary reverenced this Holy moment.  It was like all of us knew that the Lord was in His Holy Temple, let ALL the earth keep silent before Him.
The waves of the ocean praised. The crickets sang a joyful melody. The butterflies danced.  And the grass swayed.  But we were all still.  And for that one moment, we were all on one accord.

Thank You Lord for waking me up this morning has a new meaning!
Thank You Lord that I did not miss this moment.
Thank You Lord for giving me the desires of my heart.
Thank You Lord for the sun and the beauty of her light.

May I never ever lose my passion to chase after your light.
May I never ever lose my passion to create space for your glory to breakthrough.
May I never ever forget the power of your light.
May I never ever allow anyone or anything to diminish Your Light shining in and through me.
Lord, Shine On Me!
Everyone is gone now.
And I hear you say – Good Morning, Delesslyn….
This is love...

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Sunrise at Point Udall - 6:53am
I was determined to watch the sunrise at this point on the earth. And I did. It was beautiful. St. Croix, USVI

Blessings, Glory, and Sunshine!


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I have recently started a blog.Wow, it looks really beautiful! My friend has recommended your services to me some time ago and I still could not make it. I think this new place can be a motivation for me to go there finally. Thanks a lot for posting.
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Cathy Tysinger on Monday, March 05, 2018 12:56 PM
So very Powerful and Beautiful ❤❤❤
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keep it up!
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