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I woke up this morning thinking about our new series.  I was trying to come up with a metaphor that I can use along the way to guide us through our reflections.  I am going to do my very best to exhaust all things car related to walk us through this blog series.  [If you have ideas or suggestions for me to explore, let me know in the comments]

So, of course, as I began to think about all things car related, things such as the car itself, the keys, the engine, the tires, the seats, the passengers... Yes I will probably write about most of these things... I had to stop myself.  I had to press pause on my own line of thinking because this thought popped into my head.

You will never go anywhere if you do NOT first have the DESIRE to go somewhere.

You will never go anywhere if you do NOT first have the DESIRE to go somewhere.

You will never go anywhere if you do NOT first have the DESIRE to go somewhere.

I was thinking to myself, YEP!  That is so true, Delesslyn. [lol]  Because I have had many invitations throughout my life and if I did not have the means to go or the time to go, I did not go.  But what seems to trump time and means is DESIRE.  If I have no desire to go somewhere in the first place, well, I will not check my calendar or my bank account because those details do not matter since I had no DESIRE to accept the invitation to go in the first place.

Friends, have you ever been there?  Have you ever been invited to an event that you had absolutely NO desire to attend?  OR maybe you were not invited, you just had an idea but as you began to think through it, you had NO desire to follow through on it?  I have definitely been there and done that!  The desire to NOT go or do or be something in my life has been real.  Now, I admit, that sometimes, I will go and do and be for the sake of my family or a very good friend so out of my desire to express my love and support for them, I adjust my calendar and use my means to do so.  And I am usually very clear that that is my desire in that moment.  Of myself, I would have NO desire to accept but because of my relationship, then I will consciously adjust to acknowledge and accept their request in the moment.  This does not happen all of the time, but it happens.  And I know that there are so many people who have done the same for me.  It is a way that we can love one another as we love ourselves.

But getting back to the desires of YOUR heart.  

What is the DESIRE of your heart?

This is an important question.  It is critical to #TheSHIFT that is taking place in your life or that will take place in your life.  It is time for you... and me... to check in with ourselves.  

So, what is the DESIRE of your heart?

I cannot answer that for you.  You have to answer that question for yourself.  You have to already have the DESIRE to shift in your own life in order to get to where you need and want to go.  I think this is where so many people get stuck.  They do not know what they want to do or where they want to go and so they do nothing and go nowhere.   This is a hard pill to swallow and a hard place to be - especially when you start to look back.  For when you look back, you actually realize that your car has never even left the driveway.  You are still sitting on that same place on the couch inside the comfort of your home.  You end up being frustrated as you watch people get into their cars and drive off and pass you by and honk and wave at you while you remain on the sidelines of life.  You might express your frustration at them but the person with whom you are most upset and maybe even angry with is the person you see in the mirror everyday.  YOU.

AND let me add this because no one else will tell you the truth... Friend, they are just as frustrated with you as you are with them.  They felt sorry for you at one time, a long time ago but now, you are a drain.  And since you have no DESIRE to go, do, or be more in your own life, they are choosing to extend a courtesy to you because they really want you to move on but will not tell you in your face.  OR maybe they have and now they feel like they are beating a dead horse but one day, that will run out.  And they will be polite but silent and distant.  Please do not say that they are acting "funny" because YOU brought this on yourself.  Many of the people in your circle or who are already planning and plotting to leave your circle want to live the abundant life our Lord promises.  Do NOT get mad at them for acknowledging that that that life is beyond you.  

For when YOU have no DESIRE to move forward, you end up getting frustrated with everyone else who has NO problem with leaving you behind.  And they may call and text and even stop by to check on you in their own way but BE CLEAR... They have NO DESIRE to be you.  

I can speak on this because I have definitely experienced moving beyond certain circles and circumstances in my own life, and as soon as I stepped away, or was just itching to get out, those same folks got mad at me for wanting more... for my DESIRE to move beyond the restriction of their personal parameters in order to fulfill what I believed [and still believe] to be GOD's PURPOSE for my life.  So, YOU are NOT  alone!  You can MOVE ON!

Most people want to live life and live that life more abundantly as the Lord has promised us all.  This abundance is not just the superficial materialistic kind of wealth that it is so commonly associated with.  It might include that but at its core, the abundant life that our Lord promises is the life that is lived in complete UNITY with Him and our Creator.  So, the DESIRE to accept OR reject this promise is up to you.  You cannot keep blaming everyone on your list or every circumstance in your life on your lack of DESIRE to walk in the promises of God.  The promises of God supersede your pain, hurt, fears, failures, embarrassment, and YOU have to have the DESIRE to align your mind, body and spirit with the living word of God in order to experience life and this life more abundantly.

What is the DESIRE of your heart?
Be Honest.
Name it and write it down.
READ Psalm 37:4 and John 10:10
And we will talk more soon...

Blessings, Glory, and Sunshine!

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