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Salvation and Stilettos Blog

Something is Missing


Friends, I know that I have not written a blog post in a few weeks and I offer no excuses to that end.  But today, I could not move through this day without releasing what is in my head and in my heart.  I honestly feel like my head is about to pop and my heart is about to explode because of all that I am learning, reading, seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing all around me.  And in times like this, I cannot always find the right words to say.  But I am often reminded in these times of the words of a song I learned as a child… Jesus is the answer for the world today… Above Him there’s no other…  Jesus is the way… If you have some questions in the corner of your mind, traces of discouragement and peace you cannot find… Reflections of your past seem to face you every day but this one thing I do know, Jesus IS THE WAY.  And as I write these words, with tear filled eyes, the story of Lazarus comes to mind…. Do you remember that moment as the Bible records it?  That moment when Martha meets Jesus on the road and tells Him… Lord, IF YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN HERE, MY BROTHER WOULD NOT HAVE DIED!

That has to be one of the boldest and directly confrontational and emotional filled moments in the Bible.  Who in their right mind would confront Jesus and basically call Him a slacker because He did NOT show up to heal her brother when she and her sister asked him to come the first time?  Jesus took His sweet time and Lazarus died.  AND Martha is hurt, confused, distraught, and angry that her brother is gone simply because the man who had the power to heal did NOT show up.

Friends, Martha felt like JESUS was the missing piece in her brother’s struggle and when that piece could have come, but chose not to come, she had a few choice words to the Lord on the road to Lazarus’ grave.  Honestly, I would venture to say that there are some followers of Jesus Christ who have the same words for all the confusion and chaos happening all around us and being reported in the news today.  LORD, IF YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN HERE… Maybe Rachel Dolezal would not be confused about her racial identity, the men and women in Charleston would still be alive, the police officer would have kept his knee out of that teenagers back, my dear friend would have been healed from that deadly disease, and so much more…

It is painful and on this moment, I am sad and hurt and frustrated and upset and feeling helpless BUT  I know deep down, very deep down inside that JESUS IS THE ANSWER FOR THE WORLD TODAY and ABOVE HIM THERE’S NO OTHER, JESUS IS THE WAY.  I believe this.  I have to believe this.  I have to believe that there is ONE whose wisdom and power is so far beyond the frailties and fickleness of my humanity and the humanity of those who are the victims or victimizers, oppressors and oppressed, the hated and the beloved.  I have to believe that beyond ALL of this, the Savior of the whole world loves and cares and is still in control.  I have to believe that JESUS is the RESURRECTION and the LIFE that we all need, seek, long for, and want to experience here and now.
Yet, I still want to invoke Martha and say, LORD, IF YOU HAD BEEN HERE…  and even as I write, my Spirit confirms that the I AM is right here.  I hear the Lord saying I AM ALREADY HERE.  I am NOT lost and I am NOT missing.    [Thank You Jesus!]

Friends, I plead with you to BE FAITHFUL.  Let us BE the hands and feet of JESUS everywhere and at ALL times.  We do not have any more time to waste on blaming or criticizing or complaining when we have not been faithful to prayer and Bible Study and coming together as the Beloved Community to seek liberty and justice for ALL people.  The TRUTH is that WE are the ones who are missing from homes, schools, streets, board meetings, city councils, school boards, churches, community centers… Our prayers are missing.   Our positive energy is missing.  Our truth speaking is missing.  Our courage is missing.  Our hope is missing.  Our example is missing.  The Light of Christ shining through us is missing. 

And while I respect the tenets of other religious traditions,I am a JESUS follower and I do not want to be found missing from any place that the Lord would have me or my prayers to go.  What about YOU?  Are YOU missing?  I only ask because, the presence of the Lord is already HERE…

God Loves You and I Do Too!


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