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When God Flips Your Script [#RIP Uncle Cortez]


BlogFam -

On this past weekend, God flipped my script.  And I do not mean the usual, slap your neighbor give a shout out for joy because your situation is turning around for your good kind of flip.  I mean, a flip that changed my life as I now know it.  I mean, a flip that creates a void that cannot be filled.  I mean, a flip that sends a shock through your soul and fills your eyes with a countless amount of tears and your heart with unimaginable pain. My uncle died totally unexpectedly over the weekend.  Life is different because  God flipped my script and my uncle will never be physically present in my life again.

I am hurt and I am sad.  My heart is broken and the only thing that somewhat makes me glad is knowing that my uncle loved the Lord with everything he had and I will see him again in the life to come.  But right now, that flip that God just did with my life's script was not in my prayers or my plans.

What do you do when God flips YOUR script?  And I am not talking about the kind of flip that feels good because everything worked together for your good.  I am talking about the kind of flip that feels awful because everything worked together for your good.  I know that what I wrote seems like a typo but it is not.  I know that there is a day that every person on this earth is appointed to die but when death happens, the appointment day is always an inconvenience.  It is always a distraction.  It is always  not welcomed.  But the day is coming for all of us and it came for my uncle this past weekend.

I mean, he woke up that morning and the Lord started him on his way.  He put his clothes on himself and he was in his right mind.  He did everything that was "normal" for him to do on that day including travel, and conduct a choir concert.  And there was still an agenda item that I do not believe he expected but yet he was definitely ready for... death.  

I am reminded of our scripture passage for today in Isaiah 5.  It starts off as if this is going to be a pleasant prophetic word over the lives of the children of Israel... [Commentary ALL mine]

I will sing about the one I love - So far, so good
a song about my loved one’s vineyard: - What a pleasant thought
The one I love had a vineyard
on a very fertile hill.
- OK.  I can go with that.
2 He broke up the soil, cleared it of stones,
and planted it with the finest vines.
- Sounds like true love
He built a tower in the middle of it - Strange, but OK
and even dug out a wine press there. - Vineyards. Wine presses. Not too far off.
He expected it to yield good grapes, - Great and reasonable expectation
but it yielded worthless grapes. - Wait! What!?!?

And then the remainder of the prophet's words in Isaiah 5 are depressing.  It is like the word of the Lord through the prophet was sweet until that last line when God flips the script to shift the readers and the listeners of that day focus to reflect the truth behind God's intentions and insights based on the conditions of their heart.  Now, I am not at all saying that my uncle's spiritual heart condition "yielded worthless grapes."   On the contrary, he had a heart of gold to the best of my knowledge and his first true love was his Lord and Savior.  However, I am saying that the opening of this prophetic word was flowing quite sweetly until that last line when God flips the script and speaks of a reality that no one really wants to face.  My uncle's life was flowing quite sweetly on that day until that last hour when God flips the script and creates a reality that no one who loved him really wanted to face.

God did that.  God flipped my script.  And I do not have all of the answers to all of the questions that flood our minds.  Actually, I do not think any answer would satisfy any of us anyway.  Every answer, explanation, and rationalization falls short because nothing would compare with him being right here with us again.  Though, yet and still, I know that in the chambers of my heart and in the depths of my soul, and the contemplation of my mind, because I love the Lord with all three, I know that God is present even when God flips the script and allows the sorrow of death to invade our lives.

When God flips the script, God will continue to be present with us and to speak to us and to celebrate or comfort us as he will with my family or correct us as he does in Isaiah, whichever is appropriate. And in God's time and timing, we will see the good of all things as they work together... IN JESUS NAME, I PRAY...

Blessings, Glory, and Sunshine!

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