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Salvation and Stilettos Blog

Saying Goodbye... (A Personal Testimony)

Matthew 28:20b
And surely I am with you always...

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Where should I begin?

Well, BlogFam, I am not sure where this post will end up but I hope and pray that you would trust the Holy Spirit inside of me, to lead us exactly where we need to be.  Today, I am facing a very significant juncture in my life.  No, I am not stopping my blog.  No, I am not getting married.  No, I am not pregnant.  No, I have not been diagnosed with any chronic disease nor am I dealing with a debilitating ailment.  I am simply at a place where I must say Goodbye.

I know that we all say goodbye everyday, all the time – goodbye, see you later, talk to you soon is a very common expression in our vernacular.  We say hello and we say goodbye and unlike the Boys to Men song, sometimes it really is NOT so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

I have had to say goodbye many times in my own life at very significant junctures that carry greater weight than my casual utterance on a daily basis.  I have said goodbye and the separation lasted a few days, weeks, months, and even a few years but at some point we did reconnect.  I have said goodbye to those whom I only hope to see in the heavenly reunion when we meet the Lord in the air.  I have said goodbye to people, places, and things that I many never see again.  I have heard and said my share of goodbyes.

Goodbyes can be painful, tearful, joyful, and blissful.  Goodbyes are necessary so that we can move on to the next season of our lives.  Goodbyes do not have to be full of drama.  Goodbyes do not have to be mutually agreed upon.  Goodbyes do not have to require clearance from the committee of people who want you to remain in that space for their benefit while your dreams die a slow and painful death.  Goodbyes can be a blessed assurance that God is in control.  Goodbyes can bring relief from the burden of carrying the weights of certain people, places, or things on your shoulders.  Goodbyes can be a joyous time of celebration because of the camaraderie that has developed in the past but will continue in spite of the present shift.  Either way, goodbyes are a necessary part of our journey and at each juncture we must say goodbye to whomever or whatever will not be moving forward with us.

On Tuesday, November 22, 2011, I said goodbye.  I resigned from my job not because I was mad, angry, upset, or frustrated, but because it was time.  Nearly a year before that moment, the Holy Spirit whispered to me informing me that my season was coming to an end and in the three weeks leading up to my actual date of resignation, I had been in prayer and fasting about God’s vision for my life and on that Tuesday, the Lord called for me to step out of the boat.  I must say that that was one of the most liberating experiences in my entire life – another was when I went natural and released myself from the bondage of chemically treated hair – but aside from that, when the Spirit said today is the day, I moved forward without personal hesitation, without a committee consultation, and without needless conversation.  I moved when the Spirit said move and that was the final word.  I said goodbye.

I knew as I had already learned in the past, that there would be many people that I would never see, speak to or hear from again.  And I had to be OK with that reality because the most important thing for me was to be obedient and not cloud my judgment or confuse my decision with the emotions of the hour.  And even now, when asked about my decision to leave, I can hold my head up high, put a smile on my face, and with peace in my heart respond with kindness, it was just time.

Friends, is it time for you to say goodbye?  I do not know where you are or what you are going through or what you desire to have or dream to become, but I do know that a part of moving forward and moving on is saying Goodbye.  Now, I will admit that the Lord was gracious enough to assign a handful of people, actually probably less than five people who have truly walked with me and supported me along this journey from around the time I heard the Spirit calling over a year ago.  And I pray that the Lord will do the same for you but PLEASE BE CLEAR that I did not get my instruction from them, I received my instruction from Him. 

I have had to remind people that I said goodbye especially when they ask about returning or visiting or going back for this or that.  NO!  When you say goodbye, you must act like you have said goodbye.  There is no back and forth, see-sawing up and down, or bending over backwards for the comfort, convenience, or to avoid the criticism of others.  When you say goodbye, you must ACT like you said goodbye.  Your actions must follow the declaration of the new season that the Lord has pronounced over your life.  People will NOT understand because – in love or in hate – they have put you in a box that worked for them.  You will be criticized, ostracized, and maybe even demonized by the conversations when you leave but keep on walking!!!  DO NOT LOOK BACK!!!  If there was MORE for you to do, then the Lord would have allowed you to continue to be with that person, in that place, doing those things.  But if and when the Lord instructs YOU to say Goodbye, then begin to prepare yourself in every way.  And when you actually do say goodbye, BE ENCOURAGED because the Lord is leading you into a new and a brighter day!

BlogFam, for every goodbye, there is a hello waiting to be spoken so keep on walking!  Your goodbye is not the end of your life necessarily.  It is just the beginning of a new season, a new day, a fresh anointing coming your way!  It is an opportunity to create space for those who may have been hiding under the radar of your presence to be exposed.  It is freedom to walk with God wherever God may lead in spite of those who may have tried to impede the work of God in your life giving you an early clue that it just might be time to leave.  Say goodbye and expect your hello after this juncture on your journey.

Again, goodbyes are a necessary part of our journey and I pray that on today you would seek the Lord to reveal and/or confirm the time for your next goodbye.  And know that you can say goodbye in this life, but God will never say goodbye to you.  God LOVES YOU and I Do Too!  And I am excited about the GREAT and MARVELOUS work that the Lord our God has yet to do in and through those of us who know when to say goodbye!

PS – I know you may be wondering what’s next, where I am, what I am  doing now... And I acknowledge and I appreciate your wonder.  Thank you for thinking of me. Peace.

God Loves You and I do too!
Twitter - @AudraSunshine; @SpiritedConcept


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