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Salvation and Stilettos Blog

High Rise Living - Psalm 91:9-13

Psalm 91: 9-13

Because you’ve made the Lord my refuge,
    the Most High, your place of residence—
        no evil will happen to you;
        no disease will come close to your tent.
Because he will order his messengers to help you,
    to protect you wherever you go.
They will carry you with their own hands
    so you don’t bruise your foot on a stone.
You’ll march on top of lions and vipers;
    you’ll trample young lions and serpents underfoot.


BlogFam, as independent as we consider ourselves, or at least as we desire to be, we will never get to a place where we are IN-dependent of anything our God is able to provide in our lives.  I know that you know this but it is just good to be reminded of some things – especially of the thoughts that give us HOPE.  As you are preparing to move forward, in these coming days and possibly in this very moment, it is so easy to get distracted by ideas – thoughts – conversations – actions that leave us feeling aggravated, belittled, confused, devastated, expendable, and frustrated, it is so good to know that you know that you know that with
the Lord your refuge,
    the Most High, your place of residence—
        no evil will happen to you;
        no disease will come close to your tent.

As a son or daughter of the Most High, you are destined to rise above anything and anyone who would intentionally or unintentionally think, speak, or do evil toward you.

You are destined to rise above disease and dis-ease to walk in health, healing, happiness, and wholeness in your mind, body, and spirit.

You are destined to rise above despair and your own cry for help and your own fears of what you see and what you cannot see.

The Most High will ensure that you are given whatever help you need  - Spiritually, Socially, Psychologically, Financially, Emotionally, AND everywhere you go, you will walk in the company of God’s Holy and protective presence.

Friends, you must shift your own mindset and your own attitude to a HIGH RISE standard of living.  For the Most High is not only your refuge, your temporary place of escape; but the Most High must also be your place of residence, your permanent place of dwelling.

And if you are wondering exactly how this will happen, well this text tells us that the Lord will send messengers from heaven, angels, that will be assigned to help us, to protect us, to carry us with their own hands.  AND because of their obedience to the Most High we will be not bruise our foot on stone and we will march on top of lions and vipers/snakes and trample upon young lions and serpents underfoot. 

By now, I know you are probably thinking, why in the world would I need to be able to do all of that?  I am scared of snakes and the only time I see a lion is in its appropriate place caged in a zoo!  Besides, I have enough human issues to deal with right here where I am! 
AND my friends, I am in total agreement with you.  I have an appreciation for all of God’s wonderful creation.  I am in awe of the creativity of our God to make such a vast variety of creatures great and small.  I also respect their habitat and I do not go looking to establish camaraderie or enrage the tempers of animals smaller or bigger than myself.  So, it is appropriate for you to think about the strange picture that this scripture paints. 

So, I invite you to think about the people in your life who have the personality of these beasts.  I hate to admit it, but you know I like to keep it real!  BlogFam, there are beasts in our midst.  There are people whose animal instincts are on full attack mode and their ideas, their conversations, their actions can remind you of a roaring lion and a slithering snake.  Please do not be fooled.  This text is relevant to our human circumstance by way of analogy and it is necessary for the Lord to remind us that we can rise above the animal antics of our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers, and anyone else, young or old, who would step to us who have sought refuge and/or taken residence in the presence of the Most High! 

My friends, you can and you will rise above the animals in your life!  You do not have to play their games or get caught up in their plots.  When you see the lions on the prowl or hear the snakes coming in the grass,

Because you’ve made the Lord your refuge,
    the Most High, your place of residence—
        no evil will happen to you;
        no disease will come close to your tent.
Because he will order his messengers to help you,
    to protect you wherever you go.
They will carry you with their own hands
    so you don’t bruise your foot on a stone.
You’ll march on top of lions and vipers;
    you’ll trample young lions and serpents underfoot.

BlogFam, do not let your enemies trick you into thinking that it is cowardice to hide and seek in the refuge or to reside in the presence of the Lord.  It is not the cowardly thing to do to allow the messengers from God above, sent to your defense, to help you, carry you, and keep you from being bruised.  Please do not let the beasts make you think that to enlist your heavenly help is the scary cat thing to do.  No ma’am and No sir!

You better run to the Most High and get out of the snake pits and the lion’s caves where you might find yourself. 

You better run to the Most High and get away from the beasts that have come to attack every aspect of your life, your family, your reputation, your job, your school, or anything else that the beasts think will get you out of their way. 

You better run to the Most High so that you can march and trample on top of whatever plans, plots, traps, or triggers they thought would keep you from moving forward!

BlogFam, You are welcome to HIGH RISE Living.  You are welcome to the refuge and the residence of the Lord.  You are welcome to have access to the benefits and the privileges of heaven.  You are welcome to rest in the goodness of the Lord.  Welcome to HIGH RISE Living.  Don’t be scared!  Just have faith! And I know that everything will be alright!  This is our HOPE!

God Loves You and I do too!
Twitter - @AudraSunshine; @SpiritedConcept


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