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SUDDENLY Jesus! - Matthew 28:9-10

Suddenly JESUS!
Matthew 28: 9-10
Suddenly Jesus met them. “Greetings,” he said. They came to him, clasped his feet and worshiped him.  Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.”
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As if this morning could not get any stranger – Earth Shaking, Angel Appearing, Rock Rolling, Guards Fainting, Angel Speaking – and NOW SUDDENLY Jesus met them!
I cannot even imagine the mix of emotions these women felt when they encountered the one whom they had come to visit at the tomb.  The angel of the Lord had already declared that Jesus had risen and Jesus was NOT there BUT now SUDDENLY Jesus is right here!  The text does not describe how He looked at this point but I wonder how a resurrected body, fresh out the grave would appear. 
SUDDENLY Jesus met them.
Friends, as they were following the instructions of the Lord sent through the Angel of the Lord to go and tell the disciples that Jesus had risen, Jesus met them.  This had to have been an unexpected surprise.  It is one thing to KNOW that the promise of the resurrection has come to pass but now to SUDDENLY SEE the resurrected body of Jesus could only be the icing on their cake!  As they were doing what they were instructed to do – on their way down the road, Jesus met them.  Friends, do you realize that there may be some missing resurrection events in your life because you have not followed the instructions of the Lord?  These women were in a hurry to obey and as a result of their obedience, Jesus met them. 
“Greetings,” he said.
WOW!  Jesus did not only appear to them but Jesus addressed them.  Jesus addressed these bold and courageous women. These women were the first believers according to Matthew to KNOW of the resurrection and to SEE the resurrected one and now they are also the first to HEAR the voice of the one who has been resurrected.
“Greetings,” he said.
And because they had a relationship with Jesus, they recognized the voice of the one who met them AND they knew exactly what to do!
They came to Him, clasped His feet, and worshiped Him.
BlogFam, what a glorious moment in Scripture!  We are not privileged to a recalling of the actual minute when Jesus rose from the dead. We have no clue about that from Matthew; however, I think it is magnificent that when Jesus FIRST appears, He appears to those who recognize His voice because they know Him AND he appears to those who KNOW what to do in response to His presence. They came to Him, clasped His feet, and worshiped Him. How awesome it is that Jesus first encounter after His resurrection was full of what He deserved – WORSHIP. 
When is the last time you heard the voice of God speaking to you or felt that deep impression in your spirit and you WORSHIPED the Lord our God?  So many times, we will get in a hurry to do the right things, meet the right people, say the right things, go the right places, and when Jesus comes to meet us in ways unexpected we choose to keep going and MISS the invitation to worship at His feet.  My friends, when Jesus meets you, do you know what to do?  Would you even recognize His voice speaking to you?  As these women were in a hurry to DO the right thing as they had been instructed to do, Jesus met them and spoke to them and they worshiped Him. 
As we reflect on this passage this morning, I am thinking about how many times I have heard and even read this in the text but have not truly given it much thought as it relates to how it can apply to my life.  I know that we are to worship the Lord our God; yet, today we are definitely challenged to be ready when Jesus meets us along our journey in new ways, in surprising ways, in ways that no one else may experience.  And when we encounter our Savior along our journey, I pray that you know what to do.  I pray that you would recognize that ‘Oh, it is Jesus, Yes it is Jesus.  It is Jesus in your soul.’  I pray that you would be sensitive to His greeting and worship Him.
Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee;
there they will see me.”
After they worship, Jesus reminds them of their original assignment to tell the disciples, His brothers, that He has risen and to meet Him so that they, too, can see Him.  My sistas and brothas, Jesus is basically saying, while I appreciate this worship, there is still something that I need you to do. There is still a work to be done through you so rise from your feet and go do what I have already sent the angel to tell you to do.  Friends, I appreciate this instruction from Jesus because He reminds us all that while worship must be a priority in the practice of our faith, we must also WORK and do the assignments that we are instructed to do.  We cannot get so caught up in worship that we neglect the work of the Kingdom!  Jesus deserves our worship and we must also desire to work out our worship through the ways in which we obey what He tells us to do. 
Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee;
there they will see me.”
This is also the second time on this morning that they were told NOT to be afraid.  The angel of the Lord told them not to be afraid and we have discussed that.  But now Jesus tells them – Do not be afraid.  And I want to suggest that the fear that Jesus addresses is NOT the fear of seeing Him as they had already worshiped Him; but I want to suggest to you on today that the fear that Jesus is addressing is the fear of sharing the message He has called them to share.
I believe that He cares for them by addressing their secret fear of sharing this miracle with those who have not seen or heard or experienced the resurrection of Jesus!  They were carrying the words of prophecy fulfilled and glory revealed and this was an awesome responsibility. 
Jesus knew that there would be those who would not believe these women. 
Jesus knew there would be those who would dismiss the voice of these women. 
Jesus knew there would be those who would reject these women. 
Jesus knew there would be those who would not accept this truth from these women. 
And Jesus tells them DO NOT BE AFRAID!  GO and TELL the word that I, not just the angelic messenger from heaven, but I have commanded you to tell– “Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me.”
BlogFam, on today I pray that you would expect the unexpected in your walk with Jesus.  I pray that you would meet Him and worship Him as you are obedient to His will.  I pray that after you encounter Him in very real and personal ways, that you would then engage in the work of the Kingdom with passion and persistence.  I pray that you would know that you do not have to be afraid for the Lord is with you and will accomplish the work through you that He has assigned for you to do.  I pray that you would know that it is through your obedience that others will hear the message of the Gospel and will see Jesus for themselves.  I pray that on today,our Lord would SUDDENLY resurrect a new zeal inside of you to know Him, to see him, to hear Him, to worship Him, to obey Him, and to share Him with the world!!!
God Loves You and I do too!
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