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Bad Day? I Will Come to You! - John 14:18

Bad Day? I Will Come to You!

John 14:18 
I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

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BlogFam, for every one thing that has gone wrong, there is always more than one thing that has actually gone right.  Oftentimes, we do not “see” that in the moment of the one wrong thing, but I believe that there is always more that has gone right than that has gone wrong. 

I know you may disagree and that is OK.  You may be thinking – Delesslyn, you do not know my situation.  You have not been through what I have been through.  You just do not get it.  And you are probably right but I would still say –even after your tear jerking story of how things never go your way and how everybody has always been against you – I would still say that there is always more that has gone right than that has gone wrong. 

Maybe it is my optimism that has gotten the best of me.  Maybe I enjoy looking at the glass half full.  Maybe I make too much effort to look for the brighter side of every situation.  Maybe.  But I make no apologies for that.  I do not apologize to anyone for being positive, cheerful, kind, and pleasant.  It is so sad when the expectations of those with whom we interact is that everybody is having a bad day AND if you are not having a bad day or you are at least choosing to look at your day from a different perspective, one that turns your lemons into lemonade, then you are somehow naïve or unrealistic or faking your joy. 

Friends, I am not saying that I have never had a bad day.  I am saying that I own my power to reframe what is negative into a positive.  How?  Well, this changing of one’s own perspective is not always easy.  I mean, I have to remind myself that – “Hey, Self! We are not looking at this like everybody else sees it.  What can we learn from this?  How can we grow from this?  What will I do differently the next time?”  Now, this also does not mean that I ignore my immediate feelings of hurt or pain or disappointment or anger.  It just means that I do not allow myself to dwell there.  Besides, if I carried around EVERY negative word that was said to me [or behind my back that “they” thought I would never know about] or action that was done against me, I would not have the energy, insight, or the motivation to press toward the higher calling of God in Christ Jesus, to leave it all at the altar, or to stand on the promise of our word for today.

Today’s scripture is for anyone who is having a bad day – bad week – bad month – bad year.  This promise is for YOU!

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

Now, my sistas and brothas, I know that there are hundreds of promises in the bible and some that are equally as captivating.  So, please, just take our word for today as a reminder that the Spirit of our Lord will come to you in the midst of the darkest, messiest, gloomiest day of your life. 

I submit to you that this is MY hope.  This is why I can keep on pressing forward and upward.  I can do so because HE promised to COME to me.  And this promise is for you too.  It is hard to focus on the sour taste of the lemon when the light of Jesus comes into your situation to sweeten things for you. 

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

In other words, the Lord has promised that He will not abandon me or leave me as an orphan to fend for myself and in the very moment when I may be tempted to stay down, my focus on this promise lifts my spirits and transforms my perspective. 

I WILL come to YOU!

My friends, the Holy is ready to invade your heart, your life, your relationships, your bad situations so that you do not have to go at it alone!  Please do not ever get comfortable with feelings of sadness or disappointment.  Do not allow people to keep you in the negativity of your past pain.  Do not brag about your horrific circumstances as if they are the ultimate badge of honor – especially if you have not done your best to correct the situation.  I know this may be hard and take an emotional toil on your psyche but it is worth every effort to attempt to resist taking pleasure in being negative.

I WILL come to YOU!

I know that we are more often than not told that we must come to Jesus and bring our stuff to Jesus and lift our prayers to Jesus BUT this verse says, I WILL COME TO YOU!  And I think it is well worth our time if we would just acknowledge the truth of our situation and then stand on the promise of this word that I WILL COME.  Jesus said it. 

I know that this promise is given to the disciples as a word to comfort them in advance of his departure.  And I am clear that in the Book of Acts, the Holy Spirit has already come and for those of us who believe, the Holy Spirit has taken residence in our hearts.  I am clear but I still think that this verse applies today.  For there are many times when I need to be reminded or I need the Holy Spirit to intensify her presence in my life.  There are moments when I know I need to extend an invitation for the Holy to come especially after I have tried to work out the negative situations on my own.  I need to know that this promise is still in effect and I can honestly say that YES, it is.

Thus, BlogFam, today I pray that you would not ever feel abandoned by our Lord.  I pray that you would always recognize when you have strayed from the comfort of His presence.  I pray that when you need to reacquaint yourself with the presence of the Holy, you would ask the Spirit to come and to make her presence known.  I pray that when you are having a bad day, you would look beyond your situation or circumstance for a godly perspective and then take the necessary actions and attitude to move forward.  I pray that you would see that your good days really do outweigh the bad, not because you are naïve or unrealistic or faking your joy, but because you choose in every situation to look for the presence of God to come and to correct and to comfort.

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

God Loves You and I do too!
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