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Salvation and Stilettos Blog

It's Time for a Key Change! - Matthew 28:20b

Musical Term of the Day:
Transposition - The process of changing the key of a composition.
Matthew 28:20b
“…and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”
It’s Time for a Key Change!
BlogFam, I do not know how much you might know about music, but I do think that there are lessons we can learn not only from the lyrics but we can also learn life lessons from musical theories.  Today’s word is the word TRANSPOSITIONTransposition is the process of changing the key of a composition.
I have been around musicians all of my life and as I have stated before, I am not an accomplished instrumentalist but I do love to sing!  I have been singing my whole life so I can tell you that I have had to change keys on many different occasions. The situation may be that a key is changed during rehearsal or the key may be changed in the midst of the musical presentation.  And regardless of the situation, ONE thing I know is this: When the key changes, somebody has got to make a move!  I know that this sounds so simple but I have heard and have been in situations where the key was changed by the soloist or by the accompanying musician and one of them did not have a clue that the other had changed keys.  Anyone who is musically inclined felt the dissonance for however long those performing were out of sync.  I have personally been in that situation and it does not feel good and the Lord knows it does NOT sound good! When the key changes, somebody has got to make a move!
Friends, have you ever been in a relationship and the key changed?  I mean, you were both flowing in the tightest harmony making sweet melodies, then one of you shifted.  And I am not only referring to romantic relationships. The key can change in ANY type of relationship – manager and staff, husband and wife, parent and child, teacher and student, neighbor to neighbor, doctor and patient, and on and on. When the key changes in any relationship, somebody has got to make a move!  You may not have asked for the shift, you may not be prepared for the shift, you may not even want a shift but when it happens and you and those with whom you are in relationship are out of sync, there will be dissonance, distance, defiance, and you will undoubtedly be able to tell the difference.  Now I am not saying that the relationship cannot come to a place of mutual resolution.  I am not saying that things cannot be worked out.  I am not saying that this transposition in the relationship must necessarily lead to its dissolution.  I am only saying that when the key changes in ANY relationship, somebody has got to make a move!
I can tell you personal stories of how keys have changed in my life and I am not just talking about when I was singing.  I have been in relationships where I changed keys or the other person changed keys.  I have been in situations where it was definitely awkward until we came together and had a conversation about the shift that had taken place in the relationship. And I can honestly tell you that even after I have had these kinds of conversations, there was no guarantee that we would be able to come to a mutual resolution.  There have been times where a dissolution of the relationship was the best option at that time.  When the key changes and only one person is willing to shift, well, there will eventually be disharmony that will cause stress to both parties until someone speaks up. 
There are so many people who will run from conflict.  They know that the key has changed but do not want to deal with it and so they create a fantasy in their own minds to pretend as if ALL is well and attempt to carry on as if things are the same.  BlogFam, you know I have to tell you the truth.  I must tell you that we have ALL experienced some kind of conflict because of changes in our lives and the best way to deal with it is to deal with it. Yes, you need to pray and possibly seek wise counsel but DEAL WITH IT!  Just because you move away or enter into a new relationship or avoid it thinking it will go away if you do not address it, does not make the reality of the transposition in your life disappear.  You carry it with you until there is some kind of resolution for you to have peace of mind – however it may come.
My sistas and brothas, today, I just want you to know that God is with us in every key change.  The Original Composer of our lives is quite aware when we are out of sync in our relationships with those we see and most especially with Him.  I have a question.  I actually have a  question every day.  (LOL!)  Are you in the right key as it relates to your relationship with God?  Are you in the Key of Love? Or have YOU changed keys thinking you have found a better way to sing the music in your life at the expense of not being in harmony with the Almighty?  Is it time for you to deal with the reality that your heart is far from God? And even if you and God are flowing in the Key of Love, is there someone else you can help to transpose their life’s key so that they too can live in harmony with the Holy? 
It is time to make a shift!  It is time to change keys in our relationships with those we see and most especially with the Almighty.  It is time to DEAL WITH IT!  What are you waiting on?  The longer you wait, the longer you choose to delay the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the shift has been acknowledged and addressed – whether it was welcomed or not.  And no matter what decisions you need to make or conversations you need to have  or prayers you need to pray on today, PLEASE know that the Word promises that God is with us ALWAYS – in EVERY key change and even until the end of the very last measure of our life’s music score.  Amen.
God Loves You and I do too!
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Believe in God.
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