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MY VISION FAST: It's Time for You to SEE!
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A social media movement inspiring YOU to SEE God, SEE Yourself, and SEE Your life's VISION/PURPOSE Clearly!

In November 2011, I was led to fast and pray about God's Vision for my life.  I had lots of ideas about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go at some point along my journey.  So, when the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to pray and fast in this direction, I was open.  And at the end of my 21 day fast, I was clear about the next step that I needed to take in my own life in order to get to the place where God would have for me to be.  Friends, I want you to know that the ONE step, that I did take, changed my entire life! 
I can testify that when we seek God for our life's vision/purpose, God will reveal it to us and we will never be the same!  And because I know this to be true, I want to connect with men and women all over social media to encourage YOU all to seek God to help you SEE!

The FIRST 2015 MY VISION FAST RETREAT for Young Adult Women, ages 18-25, will take place on Sunday, February 8, 2015.  PLEASE download the brochure AND visit www.MyVisionFast.com for more information.
YOU and everyone else you know who needs to bring their life's vision/purpose into focus
My VISION Fast is a 21-day opportunity for YOU to join with people via social media who desire to prayerfully seek God for divine vision/purpose for YOUR life! 
My VISION Fast Plan:
To Focus on Your Spiritual and Physical Sight!
For 21 days we will commit to reading and watching ONLY those things that are inspirational and uplifting.  We will also incorporate into our diets, foods that enhance our vision and if it has been 12 months since your last physical eye exam, schedule an appointment with your local optometrist.
The My VISION Fast Plan is outlined in the following document(s):

21 Day Fast: January 5 - 25, 2015
RE-call & RE-engage
The FIRST Sunday of every month
ONCE a month, on the FIRST day of every month, The MY VISION FAST “ALARM” will go off in order for you to RE-call and RE-engage God’s Vision for YOUR life.  PLEASE download the plan below for the details.

Be careful little eyes what you SEE...Wherever you are physically, spiritually, socially, and technologically!
Joshua 1
Habakkuk 2:2
Proverbs 29:18

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